Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Radio Flyer

Mason is becoming such a big boy!!!

So big in fact that he got his first bike on Saturday!!! Unfortunately it was a cold, windy and pretty much miserable day here in Wisconsin. I even made him wear his hat with the ear flappers. (let me tell you how much Mason appreciated that one!) We probably only stayed out and played for 15 minutes but it was enough time for him to get to try out his new bike, and have his fingers turn to icicles (no, he won't wear mittens!) Here is hoping for the weather to warm up in the great frozen tundra!!!

Learning where to put your feet with Daddy.

Figuring out the concept of steering!

Steering and pedaling at the same time is HARD!!

Going for a spin around the driveway with Daddy.

I think I like this...

Okay...starting to have fun!!!
LOVES his new bike!!!

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