Saturday, January 10, 2009


As Mason and I sat and enjoyed our quiet evening at home, I was a bit saddened by the realization that he is growing up to be a little boy. He is no longer a baby. It's official. He has left the limbo state of "babyhood" and entered into being a full blown toddler.

The word toddler sends chills up and down my spine... it comes with things such as "the terrible twos" and tantrums and battles of sheer will. YIKES! I also realized that it comes with something wonderful as well... the power of communication! Mason feels so proud of himself for being able to say what he wants, what makes him happy or sad, what choices he wants. I realized that while as a toddler his world will be completely egocentric, he will at least be able to communicate with us.

So in thinking about his ever expanding vocabulary, I decided to document what he can say as of today: 1year, 4months, 1week, 3days old. Some of them aren't clear words that the general public would understand... some still require translation. I also will put how he actually pronounces the words behind, just so I will remember when he is older!
  • Daddy
  • Mama
  • Silly- si-e
  • Thanks- tanks
  • Kitty- key-ti
  • Tickle- tissle
  • Pretty- ti-ti
  • Who's that?- who dat
  • See
  • What is it?- wha-is it
  • Fix
  • Banana- a-nan-a
  • Go Diego Go!- go-a-go
  • Clue- cue
  • Sophie- Fee (our dog)
  • Look!
  • Book
  • Stink!- tink
  • No!
  • Go!
  • Beth- Baa
  • Kiss
  • Me
  • Boo
  • Baby- bebo
  • Nana (Grandma)- naaa-na
  • Rupert- Pert (Grandma's bird)
  • Dog- da-og
  • Sassy- assy... yup this one is the funniest! (our cat)
  • Milk-ilk
  • Juice- jui

I think that is a fairly good set of words for his age! I am constantly amazed at his growing language and comprehension skills!

Friday, January 9, 2009

one of my favorite weekends of the year!!!

One of my favorite weekends of the year is upon us!!! It's not my birthday, our anniversary or Christmas.... it's the Rainbow Shores Ice Fisheree!! No, I don't enjoy icefishing... I'm not big into fishing, I don't like to be cold, and I sure am not going to pee in a bucket on the frozen lake!! This is the weekend where I ship my husband up north to Lake Tomahawk... and enjoy the silence. Well... it started off as silence a few years ago, as this tradition started pre-kids. Now it's still a "me" weekend. I get to hang out at home with Mason doing fun stuff or nothing at all! We will probably have a "jammie day" and enjoy some hot cocoa with marshmallows... yum! I will *try* to take a nice quiet bubble bath... I say try because I still have three very needy pets, who never seem to let me have a moments peace. I also plan on getting a chick flick on pay-per-view that Dan would never want to watch. I'm not sure who looks forward to this weekend more... Dan or me!!
Here are the guys..... Tim, Scott, Travis and Dan. Missing is RA... I'm sure he is off BSing with someone!


As I am in the kitchen doing a few dishes I hear Mason talking to himself while playing in the dining room. I can very distinctly hear an "F" word being said!!! I can't quite make out exactly what he is saying from the kitchen, so I quickly make my way into the next room panic stricken that my little man is saying something foul. My sweet boy is sitting in his front end loader saying "fix" as he is playing with the tools Santa brought him!!! WHEW!!! Crisis averted!
P.S. if he ever says "crap" that's my fault... that's my word and I know it. Everything else I blame on his daddy!!!

Eating with a spoon takes practice!!

After many dinner attempts with the spoon, Mason is getting the hang of it!!! Often times it takes lots of practice to hold the spoon in the correct spot, and then many attempts to actually get some food on the spoon. Sometimes it's just easier to sneak a handful of dinner too! As you can tell Mason is very, very proud of his achievement!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tonka Truck!!!

Here are a few pics of Mason from Christmas Eve. Most are with his Tonka Truck!! They aren't the greatest pictures... but I couldn't resist posting a few. There are few pics of him on Christmas morning or Christmas day.... as he wouldn't sit still long enough to get his picture taken!