Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grow Bebo g-r-o-w!!!

With all of the complications that I have this go around, we had seriously prepared ourselves to have a tiny peanut girl. (especially compared to Mason! 9lbs2.5oz @birth!) So to make sure that Bebo was in fact growing and thriving Dr. Peltier had ordered monthly growth ultrasounds. She then assess them to make sure that Bebo is still better off in utero than out.

Miss Bebo does NOT appreciate having the u/s done. Not at all. Never has. We have one nice pic of her from u/s... one! That's it! This time around I didn't even get one pic to take home because, well she just wouldn't cooperate!

The good news is she is growing... like a weed!!

4/3 (35w0d) she weighed in at 7lbs6oz(95%)!!! WOW!!! and she has over four weeks left to continue to grow! We may easily be looking at a 9 pounder again!! Her head was measuring @almost 40w and her femurs @39w. She will be a long legged (and big headed!) baby!

Our last u/s was done @30w3d... she was 3lbs11oz (65%) in only 4w4d she gained 3lbs11oz!!! Yup... she DOUBLED her body weight!!

Dr. Peltier was quite happy to see our little bug thriving despite all we have been through!! I have one last appointment with the Maternity Counselor to go over our final birth plan and to check for GBS (Group Beta Strep) and then one last u/s and appointment with Dr. P and we are DONE!! WOW!! Time went MUCH faster this time than last!


  1. Yeah Bebo!!! Congrats on making it so far!!!!

  2. It's so good to hear Bebo is doing so well! Yeah! Oh and the instructions for making a siggy I found at You use a photo program to make it (I use the free one they recommended), upload it to photobook, then add it into the html - they have really easy instructions!