Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun!!

The Easter Bunny was very good to Mason!! Maybe a little too good!! He not only brought goodies to Mason at home, but also at Grandma's house and Uncle David and Aunt Lynette's!!!

Mason also got to participate in not one, but TWO egg hunts!! Saturday morning Mason and Daddy went and did the egg hunt here in our little town. Mason found his egg and traded it in for some candy and three alligators!! They were a little late, so instead of going with his own age group Mason went with the girls group of six to nine year olds... which is just fine with our little ladies man! Mason also did an egg hunt here at home!! He loved finding, and then re-hiding the eggs!! He really didn't even care that they were filled with m&m's!!

Here are some pics that Uncle Dave snapped after Easter lunch!! This was Mason's first time swinging as a big boy all by himself!!! (Well, that's Daddy in the back ground making sure he doesn't fall off!)

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