Monday, March 23, 2009

I thought it was pretty obvious what it was for....

This weekend while buying yet another box of diapers we decided to look at potty chairs! While we realize that he is not ready yet, we would like to introduce him to the idea. He loooooooooves being naked, and he loves m&m's... so I think with a little warm weather and a bit of chocolaty bribery he just may be able to do it!!

He loved his potty in the store. How could you not? It is cute and looks like frog... or else like Mike on Monsters Inc. (I haven't decided which yet.) In either case we thought we picked out a good one! It doesn't sing, or flush, or do the potty dance... but it was cute, unimposing and not scary looking at all. Well I thought that it was obvious what it was to be used for. It was a potty. I thought pretty self explanatory... especially since he is obsessed with watching Mama and Daddy go. Then we got home... he decided that it was NOT a potty after all. Rather it was a drink holder... or was it a very interesting shoe??

What he is missing is that the potty chair is to be used like this...

Oh well one day he will get it... or else we can fill the thing with ice and use it as a beverage holder at a party some day!!!

P.S. I do think that we should take up a collection for this kids therapy one day... seriously how pissed would you be if your MOM had you pose in a potty chair ad?? I think he has many therapy sessions dealing with his "mommy issues" ahead of him!


  1. Lol at the therapy! Lex thinks the ring seat for his potty is a hat, that's gonna have to change real quick lol. Mason's potty is cuter than Lex's I went with a generic looking potty.

  2. LOL about this kids therapy!!!!