Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don't EVER Trust Your Toddler!!!

I should have known better... really I should. So I will preface this by admitting fault, and placing no (well minimal) blame on Mason. You should never trust your toddler when he says he will be good. Never. Period. End of Story. Even when all you ask is that he behave himself for two minutes so you are allowed to pee alone. Yup, alone. With the door closed even!! No kid, no dogs, and no cats. (I don't know about you, but that is a luxury in our house!!) So no matter how much they look sweet and angelic, that face is hiding a little devil. The horns come out and you end up with what I did...

Yup, that's right. The tornado that hit my living room. In two minutes he managed to rip apart the couch, flip over the (heavy!) ottoman, and remove his shirt!! He was working on his pants, but never got that far! I admit that I knew something was up... first there was the silence (silence is never good), then there was the giggling, then there was the bang! of the ottoman being turned over. So I *knew* that this was a very distinct possibility, but non the less, I have to admit... I was rather impressed!


  1. WOW! Your little tornado sure was busy in those 2 minutes! Good thing he didn't get the pants and DIAPER off...that's my biggest fear for messiness!!!!!

  2. Too funny. This is one of those things that people never tell you about BEFORE you have kids!!!