Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look how big Max has grown!

He is getting soooooooo B-I-G!!!

This is from when he was 6mos old and about 65lbs.
(he is currently 7mos and 71lbs!)

Max is the sweetest boy. He loves his Mason and Livy Bug, as well as his pal Sophie. (who looks creepy, because she doesn't like the camera flash! ha!) We really couldn't have asked for a better pup.

Max hadn't been gaining weight appropriately, and drinks GALLONS of water a day (and will basically go through doors if you don't give it to him when he wants it) so we brought him in to see our vet.

The bad news is that it looks like it is something called Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder this is unfortunately very common in German Shepherds. :-( This is treatable, with a special enzyme taken before meals... but it's not cheap! Keep our sweet Max Man in your thoughts. We can't imagine having to say goodbye!

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