Friday, January 9, 2009

one of my favorite weekends of the year!!!

One of my favorite weekends of the year is upon us!!! It's not my birthday, our anniversary or Christmas.... it's the Rainbow Shores Ice Fisheree!! No, I don't enjoy icefishing... I'm not big into fishing, I don't like to be cold, and I sure am not going to pee in a bucket on the frozen lake!! This is the weekend where I ship my husband up north to Lake Tomahawk... and enjoy the silence. Well... it started off as silence a few years ago, as this tradition started pre-kids. Now it's still a "me" weekend. I get to hang out at home with Mason doing fun stuff or nothing at all! We will probably have a "jammie day" and enjoy some hot cocoa with marshmallows... yum! I will *try* to take a nice quiet bubble bath... I say try because I still have three very needy pets, who never seem to let me have a moments peace. I also plan on getting a chick flick on pay-per-view that Dan would never want to watch. I'm not sure who looks forward to this weekend more... Dan or me!!
Here are the guys..... Tim, Scott, Travis and Dan. Missing is RA... I'm sure he is off BSing with someone!


  1. I love all the updates and woohoo for a weekend (almost) to yourself! Yeah! Relax woman!

    LOVE all the M pics too...he's so cute!!