Sunday, January 10, 2010

Olivia's FIRST Christmas!!!

Livy was soooooo much fun for Christmas!!! She loved watching Mason open gifts and be all excited about what he got. Santa Claus even remembered our LuLah Bug! She missed out on most of the action though when family arrived later in the day... our girl was t-i-r-e-d from all of the Christmas fun from the morning and needed a nap! Although she was too little to open up most of her gifts (plus she had Mason to assist her with that! HA!) she did have some fun with the wrapping paper... although it didn't taste as good as she thought it would!

Livy with the seahorse that Santa brought her.

Watching intently while Mason opens gifts. (Love those cheeks!)

playing with some of her new toys that Santa Claus brought her. The purple puppy says her name and sings songs about his friend Olivia! She loves it!

Snuggling the purple blanket that Daddy picked out for her.

Watching Mason build towers out of duplos!

Getting her pirate face on again! She is such a goof for the camera now! (notice Sophie trying to get in on the Christmas action... she really wanted Livy's blanket!)

Sitting like a big girl with her Christmas goodies!


  1. Awww, Olivia's sweet smiles and kissable cheeks just make me smile! Glad she had a good first Christmas!

  2. she has possibly the most adorable cheeks I have ever seen in my life, I just want to squeeze her!