Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Miss LuLah Bug!

Here is what our sweet little SEVEN month old has been up to lately!
  • She can sit by herself, but would rather lay on the floor and play, so she can roll all over!
  • She has two bottom teeth, and more soon to be in!
  • She has said her first word! Da-Da!
  • She is in LOVE with her brother. She thinks he is hilarious, and he is happy to have a receptive audience! HA!
  • She is very tactile... loves to touch everything.
  • She is an animal lover already. <3
  • She would rather miss a meal than a nap.
  • If allowed she would eat her body weight in Cheerios every day.
  • She can drink out of a sippy cup, but still gets mostly bottles.
  • She isn't crawling yet, but gets around by scooting and rolling all over! (we are hoping that this will last until the Christmas tree is down! HA!)
  • She is in love with her nuk, and always has one (or two or three!) handy at all times.
  • Her other favorite food is Eggos. Blueberry preferably!
  • She LOVES to talk, and sing.
  • She is happiest when engaged in a conversation with someone, but will also happily play alone and talk and sing to herself.
  • She is getting over her stranger fear that she had as a little baby. She will happily stay with a babysitter, or flirt with a stranger in Target.
  • She is becoming quite the ham and flirt!
  • She is in her "big girl" car seat and rides well in the car.

She is getting entirely too big! We have asked her to stay this age forever... but she seems to continue to grow and change on a daily basis! ;-) Hard to believe that in five months she will be a year old and a toddler already!

This one is my favorite-- Livy getting her "pirate face" on!

I finally figured out how to get the videos off of my camera! (HA! Yes I know that I am slow!) Here is Miss LuLah Bug eating breakfast and talking to her Momma!

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is adorable! Her faces are priceless!